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Casino Token Poker Chips

Hanxin industry mainly produces casino tokens and poker chips. We provide many kinds of casino tokens and poker chips with different materials: clay poker chips and tokens, ABS poker chips and tokens, ceramic poker chips and tokens, acrylic casino poker chips. All poker chips stickers can be customized according to customers requirements, and these casino tokens are printed with hologram which can be found under UV-light. In addition, we develop RFID casino chips by using the new ceramic materials. There is only one serial number for each chip, so no one can copy it. At present, RFID casino chips are very popular in casinos, since the use of RFID casino chips is safer and easier in casinos. Your orders for casino tokens and poker chips are highly welcomed.

    1. RFID Casino ChipsSize: round casino token: 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm or custom size
      Square casino token or elliptical casino token: 68*48mm, 80*56mm, 105*75mm, 95*65mm or custom size
    1. Clay Poker Chips and TokenFor material, clay poker chips are made up of the clay outer layer with embedded iron, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, feel good, high wear resistance. Each piece of iron is subjected to multiple degreasing and cleaning to ensure that the product is bright and durable both inside and outside, with long service life.
    1. ABS Poker Chips and TokenABS poker chips use ABS material. ABS is a kind of tough and rigid thermoplastic, unbreakable due to its good impact strength and surface hardness. ABS poker chips are embedded with iron or copper in order to reach the ideal weight and feel better. The shape and pattern of the edge is injection molded with the sticker in the middle of the surface.
    1. Ceramic Poker Chips and TokenCeramic poker chips and token use ceramic material with high broken-resistance, but the surface printing will be worn after long-time use. Different from ABS and clay poker chips and token, the patterns of ceramic poker chips and token are printed directly on the entire surface of ceramic embryo body.
    1. Acrylic Casino Poker ChipsAcrylic casino poker chips use acrylic material with light weight, feel smooth. Using bronzing technology inside the membrane, clear patterns and fonts make acrylic casino poker chips look superior. Holographic anti-counterfeiting printing are applied to ensure that the chips cannot be copied and protect the interests of users.

In game centers, poker chips and casino tokens are used, as Chinese leading game token and chip manufacturer , we offering various kinds of material tokens and poker chips such as ceramic casino token sets, plastic token chips printed pictures by customer required, and metal casino tokens and poker chips, with fully equipped casino token and poker chip manufacturing machine and plenty of raw material of making tokens and chips and lots of production experience, we are sure to offer satisfaction casino tokens and poker chips to you.