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Baccarat Table

Baccarat Table

There’re many kinds of baccarat tables in casinos. We can offer customized ones based on different needs. Here is some basic information of our casino table.

Material options
Table leg: Wooden, stainless steel or MDF plus laminate
Table top: Polyester layout, MDF plus laminate, microfiber leather armrest
Dealer chip tray: Metal, stainless steel or plastic
Cup holder and ashtray: Brass or stainless steel

Size selection
Oval-shaped: 2250X1350X780mm
VIP baccarat: 2500X1350X780mm

Basic features of baccarat table
1. The overall used materials are MDF, microfiber leather and oak, table legs of some styles are made of stainless steel, different materials reflect different functions.
2. The armrest is made of microfiber leather, soft and smooth, very comfortable for customers resting hands on the armrest.
3. Tablecloth is made of cotton with fireproof and waterproof design, durable, waterproof, non-flammable, preventing the beverage spilled wetting the table and the falling cigarettes causing fire when smoking.
4. The lines and characters of desktop layout are very clear and reasonable, so that participants can understand the desired information at a glance.
5. The arched design of the game table conforms to ergonomics. Participants can place their feet under the table while entertained.
6. The paint we use is environmentally friendly and non-toxic
7. The table legs we can offer: "H" table legs, "X" table legs, semicircular base, semicircular base on both ends, bucket base. If you have a better idea, we can customize according to your request.

Special features of baccarat table
1. Add sinks for cup to game tables, allowing people to put drinks into it, not easy to fall and spilled.
2. Add an ashtray to game tables to satisfy smokers.
3. The frame of game tables can be surrounded with fluorescent columns.
4. Variable colors and surface treatments are available.
5. Add fireproof board to desktop base. Casino floors are generally carpeted, but participants may smoke, this design can isolate the sudden source of fire
6. Leg rails can be added to facilitate participants to place their feet, the surface of the leg rails plated with brass or chromium, making them smooth and corrosion-resistant.
7. For leather, customers can choose PU leather, microfiber leather or real leather as needed.

Custom baccarat table
1. The game tables we have produced before are all customized according to customer requirements.
2. Customers can ignore the layout of tablecloths when choosing styles, the layout of tablecloths can be customized.
3. The size, color, desktop layout and materials of the game tables are customized according to the customer's requirements. Please contact us.

Baccarat play gaming tables we have made before are as follows:
  • HX-1 Baccarat Table
    HX-1 Baccarat Table
  • HX-2 Baccarat Table
    HX-2 Baccarat Table
  • HX-3 Baccarat Table
    HX-3 Baccarat Table
  • HX-4 Baccarat Table
    HX-4 Baccarat Table
  • HX-5 Baccarat Table
    HX-5 Baccarat Table
  • HX-6 Baccarat Table
    HX-6 Baccarat Table
  • HX-7 Baccarat Table
    HX-7 Baccarat Table
  • HX-8 Baccarat Table
    HX-8 Baccarat Table
  • HX-9 Baccarat Table
    HX-9 Baccarat Table
  • HX-10 Baccarat Table
    HX-10 Baccarat Table
  • HX-11 Baccarat Table
    HX-11 Baccarat Table
  • HX-12 Baccarat Table
    HX-12 Baccarat Table

Our company offers various casino equipment and casino token such as baccarat gaming table, blackjack table, roulette table, and size, color of the casino game tables can be made in customer needs.

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