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    1. Decal Value Chips & PlaquesHanxin decal value chips (poker chips) are fabricated by the injection molding process. The injection molded poker chips are available with a wide variety of colors, sizes, patterns, and denominations from 1 to 1,000,000. You can always find the right ones you want here. Special poker chips and plaques can also be customized upon request.
    1. Acrylic Jetons & PlaquesPoker jettons and plaques, made from clear acrylic material, are commonly used in casinos for high-stakes games. The denominations are imprinted on the surface. We offer oval jettons and rectangular plaques, both of which are easy for customers to imprint any design on them and thus become unique.
    1. Hot-Stamped Poker ChipsHot-stamped casino chips are a type of custom poker chip that can be personalized with designs or texts by hot stamping technique. These gaming chips are often used in poker rooms, poker tournaments and home games.
    1. Baccarat TableThere’re many kinds of baccarat tables in casinos. We can offer customized ones based on different needs. Here is some basic information of our casino table.
    1. Blackjack TableBlackjack is one of the most popular games and there are many different casinos tables for this table game. But most of them are in semi-circle shape. The following is the basic information of our blackjack table.
    1. Roulette TableA game of sheer luck, Roulette is a fast-paced and exciting game that can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced players. So, Roulette table can be seen in every casino. Hanxin offers two kinds of roulette table: single roulette table and double roulette table whose wheel is set at the center of the table.
    1. Poker TableAs the name indicates, this casino table is designed for the popular card game, poker. The main shapes are oval and circle. A poker table can accommodate 2 to 10 players depending on the size. Some poker tables are equipped with additional accessories, such as built-in chip trays, card shufflers, or electronic screens for displaying the hand rankings.
    1. Sic Bo TableSicbo is an ancient Chinese gambling game whose presence can be easily found in Asian gaming casinos. Hanxin offers a full set of equipment for Sic Bo game, including auto dice-shaker and Sic Bo table.
    1. The layout of a casino gaming table is an important element. In order to meet client’s requirement, we offer fully customized layouts that include the markings, graphics, sizes and colors. The layouts we produce are waterproof, fire-resistant, and dust-proof.
    1. HX produce two main kinds products: casino chips and token and gamble game tables. Besides, we also provide casino supplies like baccarat shoe, baccarat paddle, digital table limit sign, discard holder, poker chip tray, baccarat scoreboard, poker chip tray, casino drop box, full-automatic card shuffler, etc.

Macao is known for casinos and gambling, here Hanxin is a gaming equipment and gaming supplies manufacturer, including casino gaming supplies like casino token and poker chips used as cash replacement for casino games, there are custom made ABS poker chips, ceramic casino chips and clay token. We also provide gaming equipment like poker tables for playing cards, with custom design service. Having years of experience in manufacturing casino equipment and gaming supplies, factory location in Guangdong not far from Macao, makes our company provides quality gambling equipment and gaming supplies at reasonable price.